Veteran Empire




The Mission

Veteran Empire is a veteran-owned lifestyle brand.
To support military veterans in their creative passions.
We want to portray military veterans in a new vibrant, positive light. A large part of our focus is to promote creative veterans trying to make a name for themselves in the world. We will build awareness by harnessing our own vast social networks to build a lifestyle brand championing the VE movement. VE is simultaneously a community where geographically separated veterans and veteran-supporters can once again socialize online to continue and strengthen the camaraderie we’ve built from serving together.

The Brand

Cool stuff we make. Not too much moto; just the tip.


The Founder


11 years of the Marine Corps were enough to realize I wanted to be on my own fun program (OFP).

1st Civilian Division is where you say, “I’m living the dream” … and actually mean it.

Little yellow birdie taught me if you want some head you need some bread.

Purple hearts our better than hearts of gold.

Beware of Blue Falcons.


David Burnell IV