Veteran Empire




The Mission

Veteran Empire is a veteran-owned lifestyle brand.
To support military veterans in their creative passions.
We want to portray military veterans in a new vibrant, positive light. A large part of our focus is to promote creative veterans trying to make a name for themselves in the world. We will build awareness by harnessing our own vast social networks to build a lifestyle brand championing the VE movement. VE is simultaneously a community where geographically separated veterans and veteran-supporters can once again socialize online to continue and strengthen the camaraderie we’ve built from serving together.

The Brand

Cool stuff we make. Not too much moto; just the tip.

The Story

The cheesy co-founders


Once upon a time two Marines on Embassy Duty had a vision. We wanted to be on our “own f*king program” (OFP) but work became tedious. The endless rules and regulations seemed to hinder our creativity and passions. With those thoughts in mind, we were determined to create an empire free of alarm clocks and schedules. It would be an empire that did not restrict us from following our creativity.

During our time on Embassy duty, we—VE’s co-founders Alfred “q” Quitevis and David “b” Burnell—collaborated to start a lifestyle brand. We noticed that our buddies were creative, physically-fit, well-travelled, and shared a strong common bond of service. These characteristics themselves formed a culture. There are numerous lifestyle brands based on contemporary subcultures: surfing, skateboarding, sneaker culture, hip-hop, etc. We thought why not create a brand based on our own culture, a military/veteran subculture?

Veteran Empire quickly evolved. Through our growing online community and podcasts headed by Timothy “Lawdawg” Lawson, we kept seeing talented creative veterans. There were hip-hop artists, singers, DJs, photographers, videographers, models, etc. We wanted to continue our focus on revolving our brand around the creative veterans as the Empire expanded.

Our logo is a manifestation of profound meaning. The capital “V” stands for the rise of the young Veteran. The color purple associated with royalty, honors our wounded/fallen brethren and sistrens. The “E” with a 5.56mm round signifies military service. Collectively the flag represents a generation, an Empire. The Veteran Empire.